32-bit binaries - for current beta or previous versions

Hi there. I setup a second system, which is unfortunately 32-bit Windows, and tried 2.2.4 on it. I just posted in the Facebook group about this (on a reply to the new beta), as I’m having some issues.
2.2.4 has a problem where if doing live broadcasting with it, it becomes very “choppy” after a few hours. The only way to fix it seems to be to exit Mixxx, and restart it.

I’d like to put 2.2.3 on it, as that binary didn’t have this issue. But the binary isn’t available anymore. Is there somewhere I could get the 32-bit Windows binary? Or I’d be willing to try the new beta of 2.3.0, but that also only has a 64-bit binary available.

Our Windows build server hasn’t been working for 32 bit builds for a while and we haven’t figured out why. We’re working on switching to a hosted service (AppVeyor) for official builds instead of running our own servers which aren’t as reliable.

Thanks for the reply. So no 32-bit build for 2.2.3 was ever done? If it was still working back at that point, could it be made available for download somewhere?

Downloads for old versions are at http://downloads.mixxx.org/

Outstanding, this is exactly what I was looking for…thank you.

And there’s even a Win32 version there, to boot! :slight_smile: