32 bit Windows port for 2.3.0

Hi guys!

If somebody compiled a working 32bit version of 2.3.0 for Windows (not the beta), please put a download link here.
I’ve got a 14 years old notebook for karaoke and mixxx. It works fine with 2.2.4 about 60% CPU usage.
I don’t want to throw it out. (save the planet etc.)


Worth supporting. Unfortunately, we are not aware of anyone who has ever created a new 32-bit Windows build environment for Mixxx 2.3.

If the notebook contains a 64-bit CPU migrating to 64-bit Windows (license??) or installing a modern Linux distribution would be my preferred solution.

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Unfortunatelly, the machine has a 32 bit CPU. Looks like I’m stuck in 2.2.4
Maybe later, with an Antix distro…
But how can I forget the ability of using outro cues :slight_smile:

I don’t think this would be too hard now that we have vcpkg setup. Of course, someone still has to do it.

I suppose installing a 32 bit Linux distro and self-compiling mixxx would be the easiest option.


Did we do performance tests comparing 2.2 and 2.3?
Maybe the machine will no longer be enough for Mixxx, more so if you say that it is already using 60% of CPU.

( I have a 2009 core 2 duo laptop on which I installed windows 7 64bit that I no longer use and in there, Mixxx 2.1 didn’t use more than 20% of CPU, and yet I didn’t even plan to test how 2.3 performs there).

60% was with Linux Mint.
With windows is under 20% for me also. (because of the correct drivers)