4 channel Soundcard: Master on headphone missing Microphone

after some years break I came back to mixing-software some weeks ago and I am totally excited about MIXXX - so thanks a lot for all your work! I use MIXXX on Linux in Version 2.2.3 with a Behringer BCD3000 which should be a 4 channel soundcard (and controller).

A lot of things work great, just one issue is confusing me: Music and Microphone (connected to the mic-port of the Behringer) can be listened on the Master-output channel 1-2 - very good. On the headphone instead (connected to the Behringer headphone-port and configured on channel 3-4) I can change between Master and pre-listen PFL with the pre/main-knob as described. But when I switch to master here, I can hear the master-music, but never the microphone (on the headphone!).

I would expect, the master-signal for the headphone ch3-4 is exactly the same as the “real” master ch1-2 - and not missing the microphone - to have best control when talking. Is this working in MIXXX as it should or did I something wrong?

btw: when I press the headphone-button in the mic-section, I can hear the microphone even on headphone ch3-4 - but all the time, whether “talk” is pressed - or not. So with this way, I might forget to press “talk”…

This sounds like a subtle bug in the audio signal routing.

Here is a pull request to fix the bug.

wow thanks a lot for fast reply. So if I understood right, you could verify the behavior and this is not “a feature”. I will watch the pull request or maybe downgrade to an older version. Thanks a lot again for your work!!!

The last major changes to the audio routing were in Mixxx 2.1, so you’d have to make a big downgrade to Mixxx 2.0 to avoid this bug. It’s possible the bug existed in Mixxx 2.0 though.

It is intended that the microphone output is removed from the headphones if you select
“Master output only” this is required, to omit a disturbing delay during your announcements.

If you like to hear your microphone, you can select “Master and Booth” outputs.

Thanks for this clarification. My usecase is: When I play music, I use the headphone to prepare (pre-listen) next tracks, but when I make announcements via mic, I fully turn headphones to master - I have to hear mics in the headphone to control voice-volume, pops, etc. When I permanently connect the headphone to master or booth I cannot use them to pre-listen. But I have to admit, that I did not think about delay-issues. My configuration seem to have short delay around 25 ms. Perfect solution might be to let users choose this but probably this is too complex if no one else asked for that.

Is your issue solved, with the master + booth setting?

Hi, I think no - when I configure the headset to master or booth I cannot use headset for pre-listening during a session (without changing the settings in configuration)… Or am I wrong? I would like to use my headset for pre-listening and for master-control (including mic) as I know it from my old analogue mixer. But I did not think about delay in mic (I dont have delay-problems). Perfect solution might be to let users choose to hear the mic in headphone-master or not - but probably this is too complex if no one else asked for that.

This is precisely what the microphone monitor mode setting is for. We already have the solution. The bug is that this setting is not respected for the headphone output.

Aaah I see, Yes it would be great if this could be fixed sometime. As far I understand, only the headphone-output has the possibility for pre-listening, so it would be great to have a way with cue/mix knob to the master side to listen the masters equivalent - configurable via monitor mode - with mic or without mic (if not wanted because of above mentioned delay issues).