A Question I Just Thought Of (UPDATED)

I just had a really great question hit me & now & I need to hear back from you experts on this: If I were to re-name some of my tracks in File Explorer, (Windows) close Mixxx & re-open it, would the tracks that were that I changed show up if I had loaded them to a deck before I re-named them?

Just curious since this seems to be another complex question I came up with & who knows if the guide/user manual will actually answer that question or not… (Probably not would be my guess.) Anyway, hoping someone can answer this question/topic for me. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Neither does it matter if those tracks were/are loaded, nor if you keep Mixxx open or close/re-open.
Renamed files are renamed files.

However, just do a rescan of your library.
Chances are good the tracks are found if you only renamed them. Renamed + moved decreases that chances though.

So I guess from what you said, all I need to do is either refresh the tracks in a deck or just re-open Mixxx & it should just show my re-named tracks, right?

nope, to rescan open the Library menu, click Rescan Library

To rescan every time you start Mixxx, go to Options > Preferences > Library
and check the box for Rescan library on start-up

Got it. Now when I scan the Library, does it actually scan any of the decks that I have tracks loaded to by chance? :thinking: