Add/remove song to Auto DJ automatically


I’m checking out Mixxx and have a question about the Auto DJ.

Is it possible for the Auto DJ to monitor my library and add/remove songs from the playlist, automatically?

Right now if I make changes in my library, I need to manually re-scan the library and add or remove files to the Auto DJ.


Hej @martygoing88mph
I don’t understand your issue. I just tested with Mixxx 2.2.4 and if I remove/rename any song on disk that’s currently in the AutoDJ playlist is automatically removed and skipped. Now need to rescan the library.

Hi Ronso, thank you for your reply.

Whoops, yes you are correct about removing songs from my library.

What if I add songs to the disk. Will those be automatically picked up by Auto DJ?

No, as soon as yo add tracks you need to rescan the library manually.
You can also go to Preferences > Library and activate Rescan library after startup to automate this.