"Add to playlist" time is very long

Just a couple of weeks ago the time Mixxx takes to add a track to a playlist has gotten very much longer! It happened all of a sudden, after I had added several new additions to my library.

So, would this be due to too many tracks on my library; possibly to having too many playlists currently in Mixxx? Neither possibility seems to make sense, as it did occur so suddenly…

If the problem is too many playlists (I probably have well over 50), what would be the best way to archive them in a manner that I could selectively re-import one, should I choose?

Or, ??


What has changed “a couple of weeks ago”?

Well, as I said, I had just added a dozen or so tracks to the library. That’s pretty much it.

The problem has been present since then, despite full power-up reboots prior to each session.

This happened to me once, when instead of adding a single song, I inadvertantly added an entire album. the much larger file took forever to be recognized by MIXXX and by my own Windows 10 software.

Yeah, I’ve had to wait for a long time to refresh the library if I add too many files. The problem I’m having is how long it takes to add a single existing track to a playlist. I’ve never tried to add an entire album to a playlist at once (or at all!).

Does anyone have any insights on what could cause this issue?