Adjusted beatgrid resets after adding a comment in song properties

2.2.3 (build 2.2 r6750)
Windows 10

If have have adjusted my beatgrid, then edit a song properties and add a note to the comments section, then hit OK, my comment saves but the beatgrid reverts to the previous position before I adjusted it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for all your hard work and a great piece of software!

despite the fact that there’s Mixxx 2.2.4 (which you may try, of course) there won’t be another 2.2.x bug fix release.
I suggest you try 2.3 and test if the issue is already fixed there.
I’m using that version for over a year now (on linux) and I had like thousands of track preparation situations like the one you described,… but never encountered that bug.

to be on the safe side backup your settings and your library

Thanks, I’ll try updating and report back. I have a radio show tonight but will fiddle with it tomorrow!