Advanced Behringer CMD MM-1 mapping

I’ve got made a more advanced mapping of the Behringer CMD MM-1 mixer controller. Its pretty much done but it would be great to get some feedback before I make a PR.
The wiki will be ready in the next couple of days, so this is the only “wiki” ive got so far:

Crossfader = Crossfader
Cue vol = head vol
cue mix = head mix

Left = shift (italic)
right = ctrl (bold)

Knobs= (

MiddleButton = (
center Crossfader,
cycle knob assignment,
swap channel assignment

1&2 Button = (
assign fx 1&2,
swap orientation,
assign fx 3&4

Cue Buttons = (
enable pfl for selected channel,
load selected track to channel
enable effectnumber according to channel on pfl
reset rate
Fader = (

This mapping is mainly intended to be used with this mapping for the Launchpad mk2 but he doesnt work on it anymore and it had some bugs. So I will make a PR with the fixed code as well.

Mapping files: (5.55 KB)

Could you attach the files to the forum post? Pastebin does not keep files forever.

I know. But long enough until I PR it. But here you go anyways.
What do you think? (5.55 KB)

Swiftb0y does your MM have different colours for Right & Left buttons? Mine has only orange, no blue or blinking blue.
How people will know what mode are they now?

I didn’t try the mapping yet, I am not at home now, I will be back in two days.

No. the mode only counts as long as the button is pressed. similar to a normal computer keyboard. So you are in normal mode by default and only access the other layers while the corresponding modifier is pressed.

Ok that makes sense swift, thanks. Is there a way to fully switch to the other mode without having to hold the button?

No, They are supposed to be used similar to shift and ctrl on your computer keyboard. I also dont know which button I would put this lock functionality on.
The mapping is mostly finished but feel free to make changes once it gets merged.