After upgrading to the new operating system (Big Sur), Mixxx began to restart the iMac after it was closed

the program opens, but every time you close it, imac reboots (the problem appeared after updating to big sur) and the most unpleasant thing is that the settings are never saved (

2.2.4 - first time i saw the problem, then checked Mixxx-2.3-r1-9083294 - the same, but what is interesting so that ver. Mixxx-2.3-latest doesn’t start at all

(Mixxx-2.3-r1-e80ce44.dmg) the computer just freezes and nothing happens

here is the logmixxx.log (38.3 KB)

Here’s the error of the iMac itself error mac os.rtf (7.2 KB)

the latest Mixxx-2.3-r1-486fc4c the program hangs

If an application is able to crash your your computer this is a strong hint for a serious issue with your operating system or hardware issues (disk, memory). The error log mentions a crash in some kernel extension.

If you send me a PM with a download link to your .sqlite database file I could check if it is corrupt. Just in case.

sorry - .sqlite database of mixxx or mac os? made mixxx mixxxdb.sqlite (184 KB) and new log mixxx.log (678.8 KB)

The attached database is clean and empty without any tracks or a music directory configured. This could not be the reason for the crash.

Obviously importing tracks afterwards worked without any issues according to your log. All tracks must have been saved in the database.

Do you still have issues?

Filling the music database does not affect the behavior of my iMac in any way, whether I add it or not - when I close the program, the iMac still restarts

Then I suppose this is either a hardware issue or an issue with your operating system. Running Mixxx only reveals this by loading certain libraries or activating certain components of macOS.

There are no problems with other programs, well then, if there is such an opportunity, please tell me, how can I not configure the system again after rebooting, that is, in other words, how to save the settings so that they are not reset, thanks

Sorry, I am not a macOS user.

Maybe related:

This is the new error description after I installed the latest version and the program hangs new.rtf (1.4 MB)

some new logs and sql mixxx.log.5 (59.3 KB) mixxx.log.6 (72.7 KB) mixxx.log.7 (74.3 KB) mixxxdb.sqlite (976 KB) ver Mixxx-2.3-r1-41733b9

Today, the program rebooted the computer for the first time not during shutdown, but during operation and it seems that it slows down the computer very much, so I prepared a log mixxx.log (106.8 KB)

Is it possible that you computer overheats while using Mixxx due to high CPU load, and shuts down automatically to prevent hardware defects (thermal shutdown)?

No, the temperature is ok, it doesn’t matter how long the program ran for half an hour, an hour or 5 seconds, the computer only restarts when you close the mixxx program

You’re right, I just looked closely at the time when only one mixxx program was running and the processor temperature was 60 °, this of course is not normal, thanks for watching, are there any suggestions how to fix this?

While this may be partially Mixxx’s fault for using the CPU so much, no application should be able to overheat your computer. I suggest:

  1. Double check that overheating is the problem by using another program that uses the CPU a lot, watching the processor temperature, and seeing if you can get that other program to shutdown the computer.
  2. Report this problem to Apple support.
  3. There might be a way to manually configure macOS to put a cap on the CPU speed so it doesn’t overheat.
  4. Ensure there is good ventilation around your computer. If you’re using a laptop, putting it on a stand might help. There are also external fans you can put under laptops. Most likely you’re using a laptop on a solid surface, but if you have it on a pillow, blanket, or other soft surface that can block a laptop’s fan.

Other programs certainly do not load the computer that way. I am attaching a photo to show what resources mixxx requires. Do you have any idea what can be configured in the mixxx program to avoid these requirements? Thank you.

Today I installed the MIXXX program on another Mac, big sur is also installed there and there was no error, so this is a problem of my computer YOU WERE RIGHT THANX

Advancement on my question. This is most likely due to the library. I cannot delete an existing library and the program tells me that it exists and cannot be changed. Please tell me how to completely erase all traces of the program from the computer? Thank you

I got closer to solving this problem: this is related to my Presonus mixing console - if it is connected, then when I close the computer restarts; it is disabled then the program closes normally, has anyone seen this?