Akai MPD24 midi setup

The setup i made for my new controler just load the default preset on the akai mpd24 and you are ready to go…

EDITED; update to the new CDJ cue behavior (1.6.3), i add to change ‘‘CUE_SIMPLE’’ to ‘‘CUE_DEFAULT’’ in the XLM file.

Thank’s for the update
Akai MPD24.midi.rar (508 Bytes)

Looks awesome klico, do you mind if we include this MIDI mapping with Mixxx?

What preset on your MPD24 did you use when you mapped this?

Yes you can use my preset…
On the mpd24 use the default preset for exemple number 13.

I have a question… on my preset the ««CUE SIMPLE»» does cue\play how can i make it to do cue\pause?

Sorry for my bad english

hey albert, hey klico,

funnily enough i tried the same thing last night - hooking up the mpd 24 to mixxx midi …
but i just got started on mixxx yesterday - so you saved me a lot of work :- )

i enjoy mixx a lot and i am in awe of the vinyl control features. just bought serato vinyls!!

once we perform with mixxx, i’ll let you all know;

cheers grvlstg

Update to the new CDJ cue behavior(1st post on top), i add to change ‘‘CUE_SIMPLE’’ to ‘‘CUE_GOTOANDSTOP’’ in the XLM file.
But i realize that i now need 1 more key stroke to do ‘‘CUE_SET’’,
this is not the best way to work because with the mouse on the gui
you only need 2 click’s … 1 for PLAY/PAUSE and 1 to SET_CUE(song paused)/CUE_GOTOANDSTOP(song playing) (CDJ MODE)

Can we have this behaviour with generic midi controlers like the MPD24? I think we just need one midi command to do SET_CUE when the song is paused and CUE_GOTOANDSTOP when the song is playing.

Thank’s for the update

Hi Klico,

We added support for this in Beta3 - Use the “cue_default” control in your MIDI mapping and then go into Mixxx’s Preferences and under “Interface”, change “Default Cue Behaviour” to “CDJ Mode”. This should now behave as you described.

I’m going to update the MPD24 MIDI mapping in SVN, so this fix should be in beta4 or the final. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Updated midi config file on 1st post…

Thank’s Albert