Allen & Heath XONE:K2

I’ve started to work on a controller mapping for the XONE:K2. I’m writing it with 4 decks in mind although I can really only test it with two decks right now.

This initial configuration is very basic, but I thought I’d put this thread up as a placeholder for anyone looking for support. This mapping assumes the controller is in full latching (level 5, all green) mode.

The basic layout is:

  • EQ and faders active on all layers
  • Layer 1 (red): playback controls (play, cue, beatsync, pfl toggle), EQ kills (this layer only), rate adjustment
  • Layer 2 (orange): hotcues (1,2,3,4)
  • Layer 3 (green): looping (toggle, halve, double, create loop)

Eventually I’ll add shift controls for clearing hotcues, rolling loops, etc. (1.82 KB)

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hello garth,

thank you for working on the mapping on the xone k2,
altough i can not get it to run.
i run the k2 in latching layers 5 mode as stated.

the program gives me an error message after loading the mapping, and closes down.
after i tried to take away the knobs, i thought in the preferences, i got the same with different knobs…

does it run with your k2?

cheers marco

hello garth,

i have used the midi learning wizard now, and everything worked cool.

cheers marco

Hi there,

i was trying to create my own mapping for the Xone K2. Then i installed the 1.11.0 beta and found a mapping for the controller but it’s not working.
But there are no error messages either.
I activated the second layer mode.

What am i doing wrong?
Any suggestions?

One thing i found out:
The js script file doesn’t seem to be included in the /mixxx/controllers folder.

For the record, the fully-working configuration will be included with 1.12 (and is in the 1.12 alpha build).

Sorry there was a problem with the 1.11 version, it should be fixed by now I hope

I tried the mapping with 1.12 alpha, I’ve noticed that it is setup for midi channel 16, while the default assignment of the xone k2 is 15 (see page 11 in the xone k2 user manual).

So using midi chan 15 is probably more compatible with most ppl, also adding this to the description is probably not a bad idea.

It would be nice if the mappings had an option to make it midi channel independent, or being able assign multiple channels in one mapping, then this wouldnt be an issue (should probably check the roadmap/buglist for this and make a feature request). Now, a workaround could be to define the mapping for each channel, not too hard to generate with a script once one channel is set, hmm but not very userfriendly when ppl want to change something. (just rambling some ideas)

Anyway, thx for the mapping, I had something slightly diffrent in mind (some mapping I created for traktor upon a time), but yours seems to work pretty good as well. Will be using yours to learn from though :slight_smile:

Hi Xone:K2 users!

Could someone please confirm this pull request is good to go (or if it needs tweaking)? That would be very much appreciated!

Could someone who has this controller please write how the mapping works on the wiki page?

Just picked up a Xone K2 secondhand. Changed the MIDI channel to 16 and set it to Switching Matrix, loaded the preset and it’s working straight away with Mixxx version build 1.12 r5769.

Nice work! :smiley:

@ywwg: Would you be willing to share the mentioned in the Xone K2 mapping? is in the Mixxx Git repository.

Thank’s a lot! I already thought it had to be there somewhere, but didn’t look in the obvious place.

I just got two of these controllers so I made new mapping for Mixxx 2.1. It has different modes depending on which MIDI channel you set the controller to. There are different layouts for 2 decks + 2 effect units, 4 decks, and 4 effect units. Refer to the wiki and pull request for details. The new mapping is compatible with the Xone K1 as well as the K2.

The new mapping has been merged and is available in the latest 2.1 beta builds. If you used the old mapping, you’ll need to change the MIDI channel and turn off Latching Layers as described on the wiki.

An updated mapping for Mixxx 2.3 was just merged to master. It is documented in a new section on the wiki page. Some of the new functions will not work with older versions of Mixxx (2.2.x or earlier).

Nice job with the new K2 mapping! I thought this controller had been forgotten… My MIDI channel was on 16 as well as the Latching Layer on so it took me a couple of attempts to get it working. I am on 2.2.2 how do I get 2.3?

Nice to have the effects mapped! I’m going to need to practice a lot to get used to the new features and all the changes. One thing that would be nice, map the Filter to the shift-key plus Bass knob. So the Bass EQ is standard but when you hold down the shift key it becomes the Filter. It’s a logical mapping as the Filter is just below the Bass EQ.

We’ll be releasing 2.3 beta soon. In the meantime you can use master builds or compile from source code.

Using shift + bottom knob for the filter (QuickEffect) is an interesting idea. I’ll give it a try. You can also load the filter effect in an effect unit. I recently started playing with a Tremolo -> Bitcrusher -> Moog Filter chain which is interesting.

Thanks a lot for the Xone:K2 mapping!
I use Mixxx 2.2 on Debian 10. I use the xone:k2 on midi channel 14 (effects in the middle).

I never use key change, and even if changing tempo for all tracks with sync enabled is practical, I often have to change tempo on a track where sync is not enabled, so i would like to :

  • replacing “key change” (witch I never use) by “tempo change” on the top encoder+shift
  • replacing “key reset” by “tempo reset” on top encoder press+shift

I would also like to swap bottom buttons 3 and 4 on the loop layer: it’s more intuitive for me to double on the button 4 and halve on the button 3.

How can I achieve that ? (I had a quick look on the mapping files but I don’t understand them very well…)

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try those soon. (Feel free to post again or private message me if I forget.)

Hi! Any time to look at this by chance? :wink: