American Audio VMS 4.1

I am trying to connect my American Audio vms 4.1 with mixx and it isn’t working at all. Like, It doesnt even sense that a controller is there. I selected it in the “controllers” tab in the preferences and mapped it but still did nothing. I used this link

I got to " Set the Deck 1 output to the VMS4 device and Channel 3-4 (may show as “USB Audio Device” on Windows)" But there’s no option for VMS4. Just “None” or “ADJ ASIO”

I have it plugged in, turned on and everything but nothing. It doesn’t even sense the crossfaders

First of all you have to install the ADJ ASIO Driver.
You find this on the CD that comes with your controller or here
Maybe you already installed that, because you see ADJ ASIO as sound driver.
Now set the Sound API to ADJ ASIO, this is the very first line in the sound hardware settings.
The controller shows up as ADJ ASIO where you set the deck to channel settings.
Deck1 - channel 3-4
Deck2 - channel 5-6
Deck3 - channel 1-2
Deck4 - channel 7-8
All other connections must be set to NONE
When you finished that, you should get sound out of the VMS master channel when you start a track on your screen and open the line faders.
This is independent from the MIDI settings, you just connect here the sound of the software decks to the VMS internal soundcard channels and to the Line faders.
This is very special for this controller because the mixing is done in the controller hardware.
Next step is the MIDI connection,
When the VMS4.1 appears in the list the computer can see the controller as a MIDI device.
You write you mapped the controller,
do you mean you selected the VMS4.1 mapping from the list ?
Did you set the activated checkbox ?
You should connect the controller before you start your computer.
From time to time I have to restart the computer before the MIDI connection works correct.
Which Version of MIXXX do you use ?
Which OS do you use ?

I did the whole procedure right now,
everything works fine.
The first setting for the sound hardware is ASIO,
the Deck to channel naming is ADJ ASIO.
When the controller is plugged in I see
Make shure that you select the checkbox in the upper left corner.
The line faders of the hardware do not correspond with the software, to avoid confusion disable the visualisation in the skin settings.
Have fun with this really good controller