American DJ 19MXR Mixer - Fader Mapping Issue

Here goes - I just bought a couple of American Audio/American DJ 19MXR DJ Mixers. I have them plugged in and MIXXX recognizes it. I did not find a mapping for this particular model in the forums here, so I used the MIDI learning wozard to map the Volume Fader 1 and 2 to the software Decks 1 and 2. Also mapped crossfader, headphones, gain, EQ, etc… not quite everything, but enough to get me up and running to test it out.

Here’s the issue: I can have tracks playing on channels 1 AND 2. If the volume fader for channel 2 is up on the mixer, then I can use fader 1 to control the volume in MIXXX for deck 1, and channel 2 the same. If I lower the volume for fader 2, however, then the entire output mix disappears. The MIDI signals are all still being sent and I can see the faders/knobs all move in MIXXX regardless.

Its almost as though channel 2 is acting like a hard-wired master volume, although I don’t think that’s the case. I have verified that fader 2 is NOT assigned to the master knob in MIXXX (the master knob does not move in conjunction with fader 2).

Any ideas?

can you verify that no other control moves? controls that could cause these symptoms:
ducking strength knob
booth gain (maybe plugged into that instead of main?)
both quick effect knobs
both deck gain knobs
effect unit assigned to master

apart from that I have no idea…
verify you mapped vol deck 2 only in the MIDI input table.

So I think I have narrowed it down to the fact that fader 2 is somehow assigned to the WINDOWS master volume, meaning it is probably the channel that the incoming audio is being sent to. It could mean its a driver thing, not a mapping thing and that I somehow need to disassociate the WINOWS volume from the controller function. Next step is tech support. We’ll see

I take it your crossfader is in the middle position?