Announcing the Mixxx Subscription Service

Announcing the Mixxx Subscription Service

We are happy to announce a major change in our licensing model: Starting with Mixxx 2.3, Mixxx will switch to a new, multi-tiered subscription plan.


Using our Mixxx Core plan for only $6.99/month (introductory offer, $9.99/month after the first 3 months), you can get your party started. It offers advanced DJ functions like a top-notch library and tag editing for organizing your music and supports playback of a single deck.

If you want to enjoy advanced DJ features such as using a second deck and crossfader, recording your set, streaming to Shoutcast servers, check out our Mixxx Creative plan for only $9.99/month (introductory offer, $14.99/month after the first 3 months).

The Mixxx Pro plan ($19.99/month) even goes one step further and lets you spice up your mix by adding EQs, controller support and samplers!

With our additional FX, DVS and Spinal Tap plans ($4.99/month each, can be purchased in addition to any of the Core/Creative/Pro plans) you can take your DJing to the next level and open even more possibilities by adding support for effect chains, enabling support for timecode vinyl and making all knobs and sliders go up to eleven (for that extra push over the cliff).

For real headliners, the Bottle Service VIP plan ($499.99/program launch) will guarantee the appearance of at least three Instagram Influencers at each of your parties.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to generate shareholder value for our hedge fund investors and reshape the DJ experience for our customers. Because of this is such a huge step forward, we don't want to overwhelm our users and make the transition as easy as possible. Therefore, we will postpone all bug fixes and features for an indefinite amount of time instead of including them in Mixxx 2.3.

Note: Existing Mixxx installations will start a 30-day free trial of the Mixxx Core plan. Customers need to enter payment data before the trial period is over to continue using Mixxx. If you're not satisfied with the service, you may cancel anytime. Please note that canceling the subscription does not cancel payments. Refunds are not available.

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Hey core team,
this sounds like a really great value-for-my-money deal !
Can I book the crossfader without the 2nd deck option ?
Why is there no additional option for → free beer for the DJ ?


Great idea! We’d have to experiment with designs to avoid the beer spilling on customers’ gear.

Maybe we could have the Instagram influencers bring beer from their sponsors.

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yeah they’d only stop by for a few selfies anyway, so maybe we can negotiate they bring the beer amd are allowed to leave early in return. who cares when the promo is done…


Thank you dev team for continuing to bring us the absolute best in DJ software! I can’t wait to get my subscriptions going.
Two quick questions: First, since I use Mixxx on more than one computer, will there be an extra tier to make managing the subscription on the separate computers easier?
Second, can I just post my credit-card number here so I can be at the front of the line when the roll-out happens?


Beer? I want Brut! If I’m going vip, I’m gonna need the bubbly

No problem, simply choose the 999 $
[ ] extented Premium option *
As Premium VIP you will get Champagne instead of beer
AND the unique famous
MIXXX diamond MP3 needle **

(*) only available as add on package to the
Bottle Service VIP plan
(**) not available on the free market,
flac option is in testing phase and will be presented soon

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Oh wow what an awesome deal. I’m worried that I might have missed out as I heard these offers finished yesterday at noon.

Is there some extra-charge for those who aren’t using mixxx daily ? If yes, I’ll have to hurry up to buy a new extra-black-diamond card with the famous 0000 pin code (the only one I can remember).

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Hi Mixxx, Thank you for absolutely brilliant software, we chose Mixxx as a result of suggested software, However, the change to Subscription is a massive problem for us, our miniscule operation is an online station, whereby a bunch of really seasoned DJ’s who were locked out of the studios during Covid Lockdows, got together to keep their music on the air.
This is a labour of love, very much like what your team has shown so well, because there is absolutely no way to attract income for these fellows, not via advertising or many other avenues that we have researched.
The DJ’s therefore give of their time, music and knowledge at their own cost, and at all hours of day and night, realising there will be no payback other than the messages from their listeners.
Already having to pay Licenses to the industry, and for the Streaming Service from the Server, this may seem like a small addition to countries using the US$ but our South African Rand is R15 to the on average, so a litre of Gas costs us 1.10
I know the World is sick and tired (esp the Music industry) of handing out charity to Africa, but this is a problem for us here, certainly on the Heavy Rock Station, which is a very niche listenership and then moreso for the much older DJ station which is operated by Pensioners all over 70 years of age, catering for the older generation. there is no question, we will have to find a lower cost solution.
This is extremely sad, especially since I have championed Mixxx as the only software to use.
Sorry for the damper, Guys.
Mike de Bruyn
South Africa

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Check the date this was posted.

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Sadly we cannot sink into the vernacular on this platform, as an old F@#$ I would have to say something serious, Very good call, we love your stuff, tune in to for our Rebel Rock Radio, Dv8 (for you other old F#%% 's is Deviate Radio coming soon more my age group.
Thank you all for a brilliant product.

Ok…so this is an april fools joke? Cause if there is no company behind mixxx and it will always be free, per the post from Jan last May, then this doesn’t make sense.

Yes, this is an April fool’s joke.

haha - that was great! :smiley:

Wow you guys really scared me there for a second

I’ve only just signed up to the forum and have been using Mixxx for a while - that caused a bit of a double-take until I checked the posting date (and then read more than the first couple of lines). Nice one!
(Excellent bit of software, too!)

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this was too brutal :nauseated_face:

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