Any Way to stream comments to a shoutcast server ?

Somebody knows a way to stream text from the “Comment” field to a Shoutcast/Icecast server , if any ?
Would be nice for Second Life DJ sets…associate text to songs and stream them automatically…
Just a hope…

I do not know of a way to do that. There is a way to have certain captions pop on live video stream via certain software, but not comments over a shoutcast server. You can always just get a free chat room to add to a website. Some shoutcast servers offer a free chat as part of there package.

I can think of a round-about way to do this. (I have not tried or tested this.)

This post has a script to fetch current song from Mixxx’s database:

You could modify the script to include additional information. The script produces 2 files, one with the suffix “-prev”.

Then, istead of having Mixxx send the stream to your Ice- or Shout- Cast server, send Mixxx’s main to your PC’s main audio output. Then setup BUTT to monitor the main audio output and send that to your stream server. Also configure BUTT to monitor the “-prev” file from the above mentioned script.

Also, stream players provide very little space for displaying metadata, so I’m not sure it’s worth the effort to display more than what Mixxx already sends (song artist and title).