Are there any plans to add new effects?

Hello, I wanted to know if it was planned in the next version of Mixxx to add new effects that are conventionally found in Rekorbox, Serato or Virtual DJ. I am thinking in particular of the effects: Noise, pitch, roll, dub echo and slicer. But maybe there is a way to get this kind of effect with Mixxx?

Thanks for developing this great software!

There is a white noise effect already in the main branch which will be in Mixxx 2.4.

There already is a pitch adjustment knob for each deck. It is not shown in the skins because it is hard to fit into the design.

Rolling loops have been in Mixxx for many years.

What is different about a dub echo from the echo effect Mixxx already has?

There are no plans for a slicer effect, but there is a work in progress branch for a Beatgrind effect. That needs more work.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Great regarding the implementation of noise.

Regarding the pitch, I actually didn’t pay attention that we could play with the pitch. Do you know if there has already been an implementation of the pitch in a mapping so that it can be used as an effect. For example with a knob which increases or decreases the pitch?

Regarding the Rolling I didn’t pay attention that it was possible. The problem is that it is currently difficult to use it as a point effect because it removes the “only” possible loop already recorded. But maybe with the arrival of the recording of loops we will be able to use the roll without “breaking” everything?

Regarding the echo effects, is it possible that they are non-post fader? I believe the mixxx echo effect is only post fader?

The beatgrind effect I don’t really see what it is …

I realize that it is possible to achieve a lot of effects but they are a little scattered throughout the software. If it is not correctly mapped to a controller I have the impression that it is not easy and fast to access all these effects. It’s a little different from the software on the market (Rekordbox, serato …) which generally brings together the effects in the same place. I am also thinking of the vinylbreak which can be used as an effect in serato. In mixxx it takes a little tinkering to be able to reproduce this effect.

In any case thank you for the return

No, why would you want that?

Yes loop cues are already in the main branch.

You are conflating a lot of things that are not effects with effects. Rolling loops are not part of the effects system, they are a separate feature entirely. Likewise for pitch adjustment.

The Roland DJ-505 has a Pitch Play performance pad mode that essentially works the same in Mixxx as in Serato: Roland DJ-505: Pitch Play - YouTube