Are there DJ Controllers made for Mixxx?

Just in case the answer to the question is “yes”, I would like to know which hardware (DJ Mixer/Controller) is MADE FOR MIXXX.

I mean, many manufacturers make controllers (Pioneer, Hercules, Denon, etc.) which works specifically with Virtual DJ.

What I mean is: The hardware can control everything in the Software, and vice-versa. everything in the software has a button on the controller.

In case the answer is “no”, I would appreciate if you help me to get information about a controller whose mapping is easy, or ready to use.

No problem if it is an old model, used models are welcome but please not the most expensives.


No. At least there are no mass products made with/for Mixxx. But some DIY controllers constructed with Mixxx in mind.

I doubt there are controllers that can control “everything in the software”, except the software is Minesweeper maybe.
But there are plenty of controllers available that supply the most important deck functions – obviously mostly controllers made for commercial DJ apps, and thus they may also attempt to mirror a certain GUI, but most of them could ‘easily’ be mapped to control Mixxx, i.e. the labels on the hardware match the functions in Mixxx.

The question is: what do you need, and what not? hotcues, loop controls, long pitch fader, complete fx controls, sampler controls, library navigation, mic controls, RGB Leds,… ?
If you can nail that down as detailed as possible, as well as your preferred price range, I suppose you’ll get many recommendations.

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For Hardware support you can check the user manual. Several controllers got very good mappings, some missing features compared to their original software, they were made for, some even have more features. You can read on inside the manual about how to map your own controller. This is not too complicated. Just someone (maybe you) needs to do it…

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Well even though there are none specifically made with MIXXX in mind, I was gifted by someone the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 this in April and we spent about 7 hours online on a discord call setting it up with the mappings and everything. All the knobs and buttons on my controller actually control and move the ones in MIXXX on the computer screen when dj’ing.

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