audio dj8 + mixxx

Hi everyone, I’m Synd and I’m new of the forum.
Like a topic’s title I would some information about the compatibility of mixxx and the hardware of native instruments (audio dj 8 + vinyl scracht first version).
Someone managed to make mixxx play with audio dj 8?
When I started mixxx with the soundcard connected, the soundcard it isn’ t recognized and simply not run. I’ve to try with check system but it dont’ work. I’m using ubuntu 14.04 and I installed mixxx from ppa.
It can be a problem with Jack or Alsa driver?
Thanks in advance.

The Audio 8 DJ is supported by the snd-usb-caiaq driver. Maybe PulseAudio is using the device?

Thanks Be. I try to do something follow your instructions. I try reinstall alsa mixer and then I will try to connect the sound card.
I will keep you informed if the soundcard run.