Audio interface for Mixxx/Radio

Tell me about the audio interface you use with your XLR mic to broadcast your voice and Mixxx music to an Internet radio station like Caster or similar.

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This setup can be used with a single audio output for speakers or headphones to practice DJing without investing in any equipment other than a computer and a set of speakers or headphones. With this configuration, use the Pre/Main Knob vidmate to switch back and forth between the Master mix and PFL signal. This setup cannot be used to play for a live audience because the Master mix is not sent to audio interface output. However, it can be used by radio DJs who only need to send the Master mix to a broadcast audience.

Open Preferences ‣ Sound Hardware

Select the Output tab

From the Headphones drop-down menu, select your built-in audio interface, then Channels 1-2. Although this is labeled Headphones, you can also plug speakers into the output jack of your computer.

Depending on your audio interface, you can specify a microphone

Use your built-in microphone or connect a microphone to your computer

Check that your microphone is detected by your OS

Open the Input tab

From the Microphone drop-down menu, select the input your microphone is connected to

Click Apply to save the changes.