Auto DJ and Playlist Enhancement Ideas (Visualization, Running Time)

I’d like to use MIxxx for combining a prepared playlist with interactive changes while playing using the Mixxx Auto DJ feature.

Use Case: Prepare a playlist in advance which should be aligned to a rough timeline. At showtime load the playlist into Auto DJ and doing interactive changes like adding, removing or rearranging tracks while the Auto DJ is playing. An easy visual overview of what has been played and when; add or remove tracks for specific points in time; see what is coming up and when, would ease working with Mixx

Ideas for Enhancement:

  • Add an option to visualize (highlight) the currently playing track and the upcoming (already loaded into a deck) track and having this highlight moving down the playlist when moving to the next track, so the order of the Auto DJ list always stays the same (no moving the played tracks to the end)
  • Have an additional column in the playlists as well as in Auto DJ which sums up the track length (running sum of all previous tracks), which indicates that track X would play after Y minutes after the start of the playlist.

Hope this gives an idea of what I’m looking for, any comments welcome!