Auto DJ Fade (transition) timing

Would it be possible to change the Auto DJ transition timing from Seconds to Beats?
Or to alow the user to choose betwen beats & seconds?

Obviously the BPM may be different between the outgoing track & the incoming if Master Sync is not enabled, so I would suggest using the BPM of the currently playing (outgoing) track. Others may disagree (?)

I suggest this because when mixing, fading or switching tracks, everyone (I assume) is counting beats in their head, rather than seconds, & changing the transition time to beats instead of seconds should make it more intuitive for people, especially now that it is possible to add intro/outro fade markers to tracks (which is a brilliant addition, thank you!)

I have no idea if this is easy, or possible, from a programming point of view, but I think it would be awesome for users.

BTW, is this the right place for feature requests/recommendations? Or is there a specific area anywhere? I looked & couldn’t see anything.



It is currently not possible, but someone has already worked on it, although it is not fully ready to be added.

See this :

Thanks. That’s why I couldn’t find it on the discourse site.

IMHO, I think people are over-complicating what the vast majority of users would want - after all, as someone pointed out, it is just Auto-DJ.

I would suggest that Mixxx “simply” looks at the current BPM immediately before the transition begins (or checks the BPM from the tag & multiplies it by the speed adjustment of the currently playing deck) & uses the defaults now available in V2.3 for when to start the transition.

I can’t imagine why someone would be using auto-DJ if they want to be making critical tempo changes in the middle of the transition or need any kind of 'perfect’mix.