Auto DJ loosing tracks

Hi hopefully someone can help. I use auto dj quite a lot and recently if I program in say 20 tracks random tracks just skip when they should line up on the 2nd deck. It doesn’t relate to any specific track or deck. As a guess I would say on a list of 20 tracks it would happen twice. I am using ubuntu 20.04 and the beta version 2.3.0. Its not a major problem to me - I am guessing it is due to me using the beta version as I didn’t have the problem when I used the previous version (although it could be due to using Ubuntu 20.04 as I changed both over at the same time).

I’m having the same problem, and I never had it before on any previous version.

I resolved the situation by going back to the last stable version and not using the beta version. I have not had any further problems since doing this.

Mixxx is not beta anymore, 2.3 stable was released almost 2 months ago.

Yeah I uninstalled 2.3 and am using 2.3.3.