"Auto Gain" feature in Mixxx

Hi, I want to learn DJing, and I’m looking to buy a entry level DJ Controller. I use Linux as my OS, and want to use Mixxx as my DJ Software, so I won’t use whatever software shipped with the controller (at least not yet).

I see however, that many of the controllers in the entry level range comes without gain knobs, presumably because the software has a auto gain feature, which makes it “redundant” for entry level DJs. My question is: Does Mixxx have this auto gain feature, and does it work the same way as the mainstream softwares (Traktor, VDJ)? Should I go for a controller which has gain knobs anyway (mostly Reloop Beatmix, it seems)?

I personally strongly recommend to have gain knobs on a controller (or at least to have mapped buttons on your controller or keys of your keyboard for manual corrections), because I made the experience that auto gain is quite often wrong on any software I tried out or worked with (Serato DJ Intro, Traktor and Mixxx) and the loudness of a track is often subjective and maybe impossible to detect with an algorithm.

I think beat detection is much more relieable than auto-gain (nevertheless tempo and phase controls are also importand in my opinion).

I wish you a lot of fun and success learning how to DJ.

Thanks for your reply!

I haven’t a clue about MIDI mapping, would it be possible to “shift-map” a knob, so that it has a secondary function whilst pressing the shift button on the controller? Or would you need a controller with enough buttons so you can map them to gain functions (such as perhaps the Numarck Mixtrack Pro II)?

I have a Dennon MC3000 controller. It works very well with MIxxx under Linux. It has gain/level knobs for both sides of the deck. It also has shift keys which can be used to change the mapping of a button or knob. I don’t know if this is entry level enough for you, but I recommend it highly.

Hi martibs,

I use a M-Audio X-Session Pro.
This one is entry level and cheap. I use it and I’m very happy. Works flawless well with Mixxx 1.11 on Ubuntu 12.04. If it’s to basic for you, you can just add some more controllers to the setup. Make it modular!

Thanks for the feedback. I ended up buying the Stanton DJC.4, and I’m currently trying to map the darn thing :slight_smile:

[Replying for posterity]

Yes, Mixxx now allows automatic track normalization via the “Normalization” section of the preferences. It supports the ReplayGain 1.0 and 2.0 algorithms as well as reading/using that info as stored in the track metadata: ITU-R_BS.1770.

I use this method with the Numark Party Mix and it works great, no need to buy the PartyMix 2 (or spend lots more for the Reloop Ready). But even better, I’m working on the PartyMix controller mapping to get it so that when I hit both track load buttons together, it toggles the gain control to filter, and back.

I use the normalization feature in preferences as well and it works fairly well. Sometimes need to adjust outside of it for older tracks i’ve found, but for the most part it keeps things level from the gain side so i get the most gain out of the track without it going red. Not sure that helped at all but at least there’s another vote for using normalization. :slight_smile:

I also have found old tracks that were analyzed using ReplayGain 1.0 to occasionally have bad gain sets. I did some testing and letting Mixxx recompute the regain with my current settings to use ReplayGain 2.0 always corrected it. That said, I haven’t been brave enough to use “Re-analyze and override an existing value” setting :slight_smile:

Next time you stumble across a track with a bad gain set, try just right-clicking the track and selecting “Reset:ReplayGain” and I bet it will fix the track gain automatically without manual adjustment.