Beat Grid and BPM Problems

I’ve been trying a few different DJ applications, and recently looking at Mixx, because it works on Linux, which is my preferred platform.

I love all the features, but the one thing which might be a deal breaker for me is the beat grid is mis-aligned on over 50% of my tracks. I’ve tried aligning the green playback line with a beat and pressing the Adjust Beatgrid button, which looks like it works, but then the grid is still misligned in other parts of the track.

Working on the principle that the BPM could be wrong, I’ve manually entered BPM’s from the other applications, but it makes no difference. I’ve also tried both the default and legacy beat analysers, but again no difference.

These are regular dance music tracks - no variable tempo or beats to complicate matters, and no problems in the other applications I’ve used.

Are there any other tricks or adjustment features I’ve missed?

Would it be worth manually compiling Mixxx? I installed it via the Debian repository.

I think I can answer my own question. I disabled the Assume Constant Tempo setting, reset the BPM and re-analysed everything. I haven’t examined every track, but from some random checks on a few, the beat grid now looks fine.

It makes sense as these are older dance tracks from the early 80s, and may in fact not have had a 100% constant tempo due to technology limitations from the time and/or the way they were digitised.

I’m really happy to have resolved that, as Mixxx looks fantastic otherwise.