Beatgrid recreated

Hi! I am trying to learn DJ stuff and already created my library, I am cueing my tracks, making BPM correct and sometimes I am adjusting beatgrid, as automatically for DnB music it often misses the first beat and sometimes it all messy with auto BPM with crazy numbers. If I change something - it is stored, BPM is always the one I typed or detected, but beatgrid is often recreated on track load and I should rely on my cue points to make it fit again. Why so? Is it a config problem, or it’s a kind of Mixxx bug?

I can reproduce the issue with Mixxx 2.2.4 in Ubuntu 20.04 when I use Deere skin because Mixxx would crash with that skin it seems it doesn’t save the beatgrid.

@WhiteWind4 On which operating system are you and which version of Mixxx do you use?
Can you switch skins?

I have the very same specs as you: Ubuntu 20.04 & Mixxx 2.2.4.
I can’t switch skin, you’re right…
Beatgrid is not always unsaved, but for some tracks. Can’t find the clue, how it’s relates to the track, but sometimes everything is OK, and for some tracks I am trying to save beatgrid for 5 times - all in vain.

Since we’ll be releasing Mixxx 2.3 I suggest you try that version. The Linux skin change crash is fixed there, plus you get plenty of new features :slight_smile:

I already fall in love with 2.3, but just want to know, how long will it take to release?
Colored and named cues - a must have feature!

hard to say. We still have to overcome some last obstacles, like macOS packaging and signing.
I guess it’ll be the usual biennial christmas release :slight_smile:

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would it be advisable for ubuntu users to wait or can we upgrade now?

It’s still considered beta, but besides the skin switch crashes (fixed for Linux by now) I’m not aware of any major regressions performance-wise. Have been running it for some months for live sessions without issues.

If you try the beta it’s recommended to backup your Mixxx settings folder, so you can switch back without hazzle in case you discover a bug.