Beatgrid sync sucks


I have been using Mixxx for some time but I still have the same problem despite version updates.
The beatgrid shifts all the time. It is well adjusted at the start (automatically or manually) but towards the end or sometimes the middle, it is completely offset.

I have this problem with the latest stable and beta version. Even when setting the BPM manually and locking it, the problem persists. On the other hand, I do not have it on all the musics. The mp3s used are not the cause because I do not have this problem on other software (VirtualDj, Transition DJ, DJuiced …).

I am using Mixxx on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you :wink:

Do you have ‘assume constant tempo’ enabled in Preferences > Beat Detection?

Hello Ronso,
Thanks for your answer… But, yes Assume constant tempo is enabled.

If you manually tap the beat of a given track with an external tool and it gives you an integer value, what BPM is reported in Mixxx? Does it have some slight offset like 130,015?

Maybe not the same, but some drifting happened to me in the past Mixxx versions, but it turned out to be a combination of very sensitive settings in my controller script plus playing music at high volume.
The music made the table vibrating and “nudging” my platters. :relieved:

Yes, already tried to encode the bpm manually with an integer to calculate on another dj software. I then locked the bpm and redid an analysis but it still shifts … :frowning:

Problem stil present without controler…

It seems that your tracks do not have a constant tempo. Mixxx doesn’t really handle tracks that change tempos well. We have some work in progress to improve this but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Yes, work is hard… But the result is on top :wink:
Those tracks have no problem on other dj software. Unfortunatly only on Mixxx. But i want to use Mixxx, especialy because i love opensource and i use Ubuntu.