Behringer BCD3000

Hi I’m new here I have a Behringer BCD3000, I have been having an issue when I use my jog wheels it speeds up the song and I can’t stop it unless I exit Mixxx 1.7.0 has anyone else had a simular problem or know how I can fix this?


Yeah, the MIDI changes in 1.7 broke some of the jog wheel handling. We’ve had a number of people complain about it for the BCD3000 but no one has stepped up to fix it and none of the developers have that controller. All of the needed information is here, under “Editing MIDI mappings & scripts:” … umentation

In a nutshell, map the jog wheels to a script function, then tune the script function to work well with that particular controller. (You’ll want to use the “jog” MixxxControl.)

Thanks for the heads up, I will read up on that link and see what I can learn :wink:

Yeah, I am having the same issue and for some reason I can’t get Traktor 3 LE to even install from the disc on my Vista OS laptop. I will read up on that link right now and see if I can get it fixed.

I also am not seeing anything light up on my BCD3000 besided the power light. :nerd:

I took a look at that link and all that stuff is crazy to me. It says a lot but means nothing in my world, lol. Can anyone speak english and help me get my BCD3000 working with MIXXX? Whatever happend to plug and play? lol. The last time I had this much trouble was installing Kristal Audio Engine and the fast track m-audio interface. The drivers were old and had to get those from the website then get the ASIO For All v2. It was a pain in the azz but I worked it out.

Can anyone explain how to get my BCD3000 mapped for use with MIXXX in english? I am not a programmer or anything so I need the information broke down for me in the simpliest way possible, lol. Perhaps we can get someone to work on a patch or something just for the BCD3000? hope so in the very near future.

It would be an excruciating process for any of us to try to get it working without actually having the controller. Writing a small script function that just translates the values from the controller to ones Mixxx likes isn’t all that difficult. Your first step is to clearly define for yourself what’s wrong with how it works now and what you might try to fix it. e.g. if the track keeps going forward or backward when you stop spinning the jog, you’ll want to add a “spring-back” function that automatically adjusts the “jog” value back to 0 if no new data is received from the controller. (This has already been done in the SCS.3d and Hercules RMX scripts, though those are a bit hard to follow.)

Otherwise, see if you can ask Behringer to loan that controller to one of the developers and we can work on it directly as time allows. (However, the whole point of having MIDI scripting was so that end-users can develop and tweak their controller mappings as they like, freeing the Mixxx developers to work on core program features.)

That said, we do want to make the Wiki pages as easy to understand as possible, so if you can be specific as to what you don’t understand, I can try to elaborate better on the Wiki for everyone’s benefit.

Hello everybody,
I’m working on adaption of xml and script file for the bcd3000. Ligths works and jog too, but i’m testing my settings to improve the behaviour of jogs.
Normaly at the end of week my files should works.

PS: where can i send my files ???


Thanks, Aposto! Sending them to the mixxx-devel mailing list ( is the best way to get them in front of developers. You could also attach them to a post here so other users can find them. (Click Upload Attachment under the message editing area.)

I have adapted the XML file from 1.6.1 version to control ligths and i have created a script to control the jogs.
The cue search and pitch bend use jog function and work well, but the scratch function enable by the scratch button doesn’t work wery vell. I’m not a scratch user and i don’t know what is a good behaviuor, you can improve it if you want.
Bheringer-BCD3000-Files.tar.gz (1.81 KB)

Okay, since I haven’t heard from anyone else, I’ve added your mapping and script to the 1.7 branch. They’ll be packaged with v1.7.3 when it’s released. Thank you so much, Aposto!!

These link to the most up-to-date versions. Download into your res/midi/ folder and enjoy:
XML Mapping file
Script file

Thank you I have to mix on friday and I just got one BCD3000. I was getting mad cause it didn’t work with traktor (wich comes in the box, ridiculous) and I also tried with ableton but same result… this became my option and I love it, opensource is the future and people who shares and helps are the one’s who help this walk on the right direction, thank you vary much again.

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Thank you to everyone for trying to smooth issues out. I must have done something wrong after downloading the XML Mapping file into the midi folder cause everything is the same as before no lights and no jog wheel control. I have read in another thread on this site that those files do work so I know it has to be my own error. Once again Thank you.

Abhellrazor: make sure you re-load the mapping after you start Mixxx. (Go into Preferences, click the BCD3000, drop the list down and choose the BCD3000 mapping, then click OK.)

I did excatly that I got a error message that reads.

Midi script engine: Problem Opening the script file "C:/Program files/Mixxx/midi/Behringer-BCD3000-scripts.js, error #5

I can still control most everything with my controller when I open Mixxx, then when I go into preferences and try to change it that’s when I get the error message pressing “OK” closes Mixxx.

Error #5 means file not found. Check that the .js file really is there and has the same name as what’s in the error message.

okay so there is no .Js file there just XML for Behringer BCD3000.

After following this thread I was experiencing an issue where refreshing the MIDI mapping with the new files loaded blank settings. It turns out that the zip on the 2nd page does not have both correct files. I had to also use the zip on the first page. The files I used were:

/usr/share/mixxx/midi$ md5sum Behringer-*
1024dcf72708673850dfe3365d6da578 Behringer-BCD3000.midi.xml
fcd26f65b81b6a11c4973102e516d7ae Behringer-BCD3000-scripts.js

Ok…Mixxx 1.8.0~beta2 should have the correct files pre-installed. When we release that hopefully this week, can you please test it and let us know if all is well?

I have Ubuntu 9.10 + Behringer BCD 3000 and I’m testing Mixxx 1.8.0~beta2, but cue buttons are not working at all, as well as any led light.

Thank you guys,