Behringer BCF2000 / BCR2000

I created a controller-mapping for the B-Control-Fader (and B-Control-Rotary) 2000 series.
It has full LED-support for the used Buttons and updates the Rate-Motor-Faders on sync.

Please set up the controller as described in the included setup.txt (Ch.2), otherwise it will not work!
If you don´t use Ch1 otherwise and yor BCF/BCR is still in default-configuration you can use the default-files and Preset-1 and don´t need to setup anything at the constroller (as long as you dont want to use the push-function of the controllers to restore the default-values). Information about Installation and usage can be found in default.txt.

Have fun using my mapping.
Martin Gecks (
Behringer BCF2000 (7.12 KB)