Behringer XENYX X1204USB USB Mixer

Hi All!

 Can anyone tell me if the Mixxx 2.0 software will interface with the Behringer XENYX X1204USB USB Mixer … SB/p/P0A0H

That device is an analog mixer (which means it mixes the signals itself).

While it looks like a professional device and would be of good value in a music production environment (or even on organizing events), there’s one bit that concerns me:

It does not say “multichannel”. It says “stereo”. That is 2-ins 2-outs. In other words: A normal stereo soundcard.
Seems they announce the feature to be able to record what is being mixed.

In this regard, and without further evidence that this is in fact a multichannel soundcard, I would advice against trying to use it with Mixxx.

I think this means that sending out a signal from a computer to this device’s USB sound card either replaces its main mix, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to use any other functionality of the mixer simultaneously. If you could send two independent stereo signals to channels of the mixer, that could work, but that is not how this device functions. Its functionality as a USB sound card is not very useful for DJing.

If you had another sound card (or two sound cards) sending independent signals to the mixer, you could use the XENYX X1204USB to mix them. If your budget is very tight, you could try using a DJ splitter cable with the onboard sound card of your computer with Mixxx’s Deck 1 & Deck 2 outputs and plug them into the mixer with 1/8" to 1/4" adapters. Plugging an onboard sound card into a cheap mixer is not going to sound very great though.

If you’re considering buying this device for DJing, don’t. You’d be better off with something designed for DJing. Refer to the DJ Hardware Guide for more information. If you already have it for other reasons and want to use it additionally for DJing, it could make sense, but you may be better off with a decent sound card. What are all the ways you are intending to use this device?

No, being an analog mixer just means that it uses electrical circuits to mix analog signals (fluctuations of voltage representing fluctuations in sound pressure). Digital mixers also mix signals themselves.

I’d be sceptical of such a cheap device. Behringer has reputation for making bad quality gear, so beware that even if it works decently now, don’t be surprised if it breaks quickly. In my experience, it’s generally better to avoid cheap mixers. If you can accomplish what you need to without going through a cheap mixer, leave the mixer out. If you’re just running a signal straight through a mixer, all it’s doing is adding noise and distortion which degrades the signal.

Yup… good observation.

I didn’t pay much attention to the product itself, but you’re right. Just seen that it’s sold around $150 on amazon. Prosumer at much.

Yes the behringer 1204usb works great with mixxx dj 2.0 the main issue here is how are you connecting everything?

My setup for mixxx dj & 1204usb:

  1. Absolutely zero 3.5mm in or out of my PC! The only thing connected to my PC is the USB cable that comes with the Behringer 1204usb.
  2. Install ASIO4ALL - this is needed in the settings for Mixxx DJ 2.0
  3. Download Behringers drivers
  4. Connect mixer to pc via usb cable
  5. If, Mixxx DJ isn’t installed, do so now.
  6. Change settings on PC to USB CODEC for playback & recording device
  7. Change setting in Mixxx DJ to ASIO4ALL
  8. VERY IMPORTANT!!! The only button you need to press on the mixer is 2-TR/USB doing this re-routes the signal from returning through the 1204usb mixer.
  9. under no circumstances should you ever have to connect anything else to you pc for a signal.
  10. Setting up for LIVE Broadcast is another monster!

Are you able to send two independent signals to the device?

2 signals from pc?
the onboard mixer soundcard has been more than enough to give clear sound quality.
haven’t tested any actual turntables, but as for live broadcasting the 1204usb is good.
I and guests listen independently through the control room out to my headphone amp
box (splitter) to stereo amp for in room listening. hope that helps.

I will take pictures of all settings and hardware later and post them.

The sound card on this mixer can’t be used to preview tracks if it can’t do that, which would make it quite hard to DJ.

Could you tell me the info needed to set up Behringer Xenyx1002c on Mac.

I am using it to radio broadcast.