Big Sur Mac upgrade

Has anybody upgraded? Any issues after?

there is an issue with macOS not asking for Mic permission when launched from finder, thus you may have no mic input.
it works if you run mixxx from the command line though

I did, there was a temporary issue, but nothing as of now at my end.

Diana G Brown

btw, the mic permission issue is fixed.

Hi Ronso

I have just upgraded to Big Sur and I have major problem in that the mixx interface is massively enlarged and does not fit the screen of my Mac book pro 13inch.
The menu is incredibly slow to respond e.g. preferences.

I am broadcasting on Wednesday 6p UK - could you assist quickly please.

Thank you - all sorted - does seem slower .

development idea for live broadcasts - a further row of samples / jingles on the interface.


Since mixxx 2.2.4 there are Tango and Deere versions with 64 samplers.
In Mixxx 2.3, redesigned LateNight has up to 16 samplers


Barry Parsons



The lag is horrible with Big Sur … sometimes several many seconds. So resetting a track is a nightmare.

Any suggestions- does newer Beta work better on Mac?


Barry Parsons


Any update on this. Broadcast is severely hampered?


Did you test if 2.3 beta fixes the issue?

If you test the upgrade 2.2 > 2.3 on macOS the settings are in a different in each version but IIRC the library is migrated to the new location, so it’s probably helpful to know how to backup your settings/library


I am trying the beta - but not with much success at the moment.

My library seems to need to be reloaded each time I start up.

Any ideas?

Please describe the symptoms.

  • are your tracks not visible in the library?
  • are your music paths listed in Preferences > Library?

A bug in the development version (2.4) is that the Tracks item in the sidebar is highlighted but not actually selected and the tracks table seems empty. Explicitely clicking on Tracks populates the table and everything is fine.
Is that your situation?