BPM / Key not updates / displayed in 'browse' library

I have an issue with the tracks BPMs / Keys not updated / displayed for the ‘browse’ item in Mixxx library. I know it is intended to browse folders from the disk but i was expecting that once you add these files to Mixxx library and analyze for BPM / Key it should be displayed in this ‘browse’ item. I am using different DJ software such as VDJ and Serato and basically I don’t want to create crates or playlist every time on new soft so I already sorted my music within the folders on my disk, then I don’t lose it.
So it’s really problematic for me if I can’t use the hierarchy as it is on my disk music folders.

Is it the basic behavior to not have this data in browse or can it be a bug? Do you know a way to do it? i tried to enter the data manually but it is impossible as I have thousands songs.
I’m still a bit starter with Mixxx so maybe there is somethign I missed



What you describe is the common behaviour or the devices tree branch.
What it does is doing a fast scan to get the metadata and the song length and stops there.
(In fact, if the tracks have an ID3 BPM tag (TBPM), it will be read and displayed, but that’s not the one that Mixxx calculates, and some very old software wrote it without decimals, and version 2.0 does not compensate for that error, so they might be unusable)

It’s true that it could be useful that, when entering into a folder that exists in the database, the database’s metadata is loaded as well.
I haven’t looked at that part of the code, but I don’t think that it should be too difficult to do.
If you don’t mind spending some minutes, please, file a bug at bugs.launchpad.net/mixxx describing your issue (you can add a link to this thread if you want).

Said that, I recommend you to start playing with crates and familiarize with the search box to find tracks. Even if your collection is well sorted, mixing does not mean playing one track after another, so sorting (by BPM) after grouping by genre is quite a nice way to find new mixes. Also, sometimes, AutoDJ picks up some interesting order of tracks.

Finally, it’s not ready yet, but there is some work done in order to have subfolders in the crates section (i.e. to better arrange categories) but believe me, it’s better to better tag your track genres (and I suggest adding multiple genres separated by semicolon if something can be classified in multiple ways).

Tracks are actually added to the database when loaded from the Browse view. You can find them when using the Tracks view with all additional metadata like BPM.

The Browse view on the other hand is strictly populated from the file system and the information contained in the files itself without any database lookups. This is a design decision mainly for performance reasons. Looking up each individual track by its file system path from the database may work for folders that contain just a few files, but will render Mixxx unusable otherwise.

Edit: Probably soon you will be able to export the track metadata into the corresponding files. Then it will also appear within the Browse view.

I know this issue is very old but I have the same use case than @yann360. I’m looking for alternatives…

For exemple, iIs there a utility to create and update playlist based on folder ?

thx ! :slight_smile:

okey so I just used the “metadata -> export to file tags” feature