Broadcast incl. metadata with pre-recorded mix + Cue sheet?

I have recorded a one hour show to broadcast on Live365, but because it is one long mp3, I need to be able to send the metadata for each song to Live 365 when broadcasting. Can anyone suggest a way for me to do that? Thanks, Jim

Mixxx can record the cue file, as well. Check Preferences > Recording

so I did a recording, it generated a .cue file. Now how and where do I put that file so that when I enable live broadcasting, the correct metadata is transmitted? Thanks

seems I didn’t grasp your use case.
you record with mixxx?
how do you broadcast?

I want to be able to broadcast a recorded show (one mp3 file) and have the correct metadata for the songs inside that file displayed properly when sent to Live365.


actually if you don’t broadcast the finished mp3 with Mixxx (which is totally unnecessary) you could use any audio player that supports cue files and the recording would be split and show the current artist/title.

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so do you upload the entire mp3 or do yo broadcast (replay) in realtime?

So, I would have an mp3 file of my show with let’s say 20 songs and some voiceovers. My internet station is hosted by Live365. I would make a playlist of songs and voice and record that in mixxx.

Now I would have a recording and cue sheet file saved by Mixxx in the recordings folder on my computer.

How do I broadcast this file correctly?

When broadcasting with Mixxx the metadata would be sent via icecast2 protocol.

Mixxx is not the right tool for that. This was clarified in Cue Sheet Support?
Ask the live365 community how to broadcast pre-recorded mixes with syncronous metadata.
I’m pretty sure there are apps made for that purpose, vlc maybe.

A cumbersome hack with no guarantee to produce flawless/gapless playback:
find a tool that uses the CUE file to split your one recording file into segments and tag them.
You could then load those into Mixxx AutoDJ in the correct order, set the transition to 0 seconds (also select “Full Track” transition mode if you’re using Mixxx 2.3).
Configure broadcasting for live365. TEST IT!
Enable broadcasting.
Engage AutoDJ > starts your playlist
Don’t touch any controls, leave it until your playlist has run through.