Broadcast Problem Stream error / Socket Error

Hey guys !
I have a problem when I will go live on Broadcast.
A friend can go live with the same LogIn data. He works with RadioBoss.
I can load the Page in the Browser

I use MIXXX 2.2.4

Here the excerpt from the log file:
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - run: Starting thread
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - processConnect
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - “TesT Test” : updating from preferences
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - Using server URL: QUrl("//188.XXX.XXX.XXX:4X0X0") (X = Masked from me :wink: ))
Warning [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: Failed to load “lame_enc.dll” , “Cannot load library lame_enc.dll: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.”
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: Successfully loaded encoder library “libmp3lame.dll”
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: Loaded libmp3lame version 3.99.5
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: lame_set_VBR_quality: “present” lame_encode_buffer_interleaved_ieee_float: “present” id3tag_add_v2: “present”
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: CBR mode with bitrate: 128
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - Connection pending. Waiting…
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - Connection pending. Waiting…
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - Connection pending. Waiting…
Warning [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: Streaming server made error: -4
Warning [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - processConnect() socket error. Is socket already in use?
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: Unloaded libmp3lame
Debug [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: ShoutConnection - processConnect() returning false
Warning [ShoutOutput ‘TesT Test’]: Streaming error: “Socket error\nBitte überprüfen Sie die Internetverbindung und vergewissern sich, dass Ihr Benutzername und Kennwort richtig sind.”

Can me help anyone :- :thinking:

Thank you for your Support !!!

Did you check if server address, username and password are correct and that your connection is working correctly?

A friend can connect the server with the Login data.
I have tray it on two separate device. One PC, one Laptop.
I can connect the server over the browser.
I can ping the server.
I have restart router but the problem still wait.

Is it possible that the port is closed in the router and I must made simalar a port forwarding ???

I have no idea :frowning:

I remember there were issues with some shoutcast configurations and the stream name.
Could you post a screenshot of your Preferences > Broadcasting configuration?

I don’t thinks so.
I have two Computers, on both the same problem.

My friend lives 30 km away. Has yetserday installed Mixxx 2.2.4 and connect to server without a problem.

We have a few times checked the confguration and the inputs, we don’t find a fail.

Yes it’s crazy and tricky.

Here are screenshots from both Computer.
One of my friends PC and on of my PC. Can you find a differenz ?

Thanks a lot !


You’re trying to connect independently I hope?
If your friend is connected to the socket I guess you can’t connect at the same time?

Try to reach, maybe it’s really just your router.

No, we have connect the server alternately.

I have try the Broadcast Software RadioBoss and there were no problems.
I have need 15 second to start the stream. Install the software, input the access data, start the stream, start the music, open the player and i can hear my music. No probs !!

why ever, it is solved

what did (you) change?

Nothing !
It shows that was a problem on the Server.
I have no other explanation :frowning:

Well, happy broadcasting then!!

This can sometimes happen if you copy and paste server details. Sometimes this will pick up an errant space which is not alwaya obvious, depending on the formatting of the source you copied it from.

If you did a copy and paste and it happens again, check for extra spaces before or after one of the fields.