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We are a podcast here in Southern California. We are currently Simulcasting our show to a radio network on the East Coast and they told us to use MIXXX to broadcast. Recently we are being picked up by two other radio networks.

The question I have is - can we use MIXXX to broadcast to a number of different networks at the same time? If so how would this be done?


Hej folks from @YWDPodcast

Since Mixxx 2.2.x (or even earlier?) we support multiple broadcast connections.
I noticed just now that unfortunately this is not yet documented in the manual :
The default setup page looks like this:


Thank you so much for letting me know about this. This will help us out a lot. However is there a limit to how many connections we can make?

I’m not aware the connections are limited.
Head over to, download Mixxx for your OS and try it :boom: