Broadcasting to multiple streams at the same time

I’m looking to broadcast to multiple streams at the same time, so when i dj in second life at one club i can simulcast on both my stream and another stream to broaden my show…ie using another club’s stream as well. I saw the posts from 2017 that partially addressed this and the last said someone was working on this. Is this possible? If so i was thinking of setting up a simulcast streaming service for sl where we could highlight multiple djs from multiple clubs while they keep running their stream from the club they are in. Hope that was clearer than mud lol

If you have Mixxx 2.2.x, you already have the option to create multiple streams.
Just go to the broadcasting settings and setup them.

Sorry for the delayed response, and ty for responding! Yes i have multiple streams set up, but i was speaking about live broadcasting with both of them at the same time, as opposed to one or the other. I’m sure there are other things that might go wrong with this (like my computer or internet bandwidith), but just wondering if mixxx will have any issue connecting to two streams at the same time. Thanks!

In the preferences just enable the streams you like to stream to. I did it and it works great.