Broadcasting with Mixxx, Jack and Butt

In order to avoid software monitoring for my microphone in Mixxx, I’m having a look to the direct monitoring.
The idea would be as described above

  1. Microphone plugged on a sound card (an ESU22 from ESI)
  2. DJ controller set with Mixxx (a Denon MC 4000)
  3. The sound from the microphone and Mixxx set as sources in Jack to avoid latency and be in «direct monitoring» conditions
  4. Jack sending everything to Butt for the broadcasting.

First of all : does this schemes seems correct ?

Second points : the questions…

  • With such a configuration, where do I plug my headphone ?
  • If I plug it on the Denon, I’ll get the sound of the mixxx turntables (pfl or main mix) but no monitoring from the microphone, unless I can send the sound from the microphone to the headphone output of the Denon.
  • If I plug it on my laptop for example, how will I be able to choose if I want to hear the pfl from mixxx or the main mix ? And how to set Jack to send the main mix and the microphone to Butt while listening to microphone / pfl / main mix in my headphone ? It seems horribly complicated.
  • And last : how to set jack ? I’m only trying to send the sound of my microphone to the speakers of my laptop thru jack and, I’m becoming mad to understand how it works, even with the help of a website called «MAO Linux».

I’m suppose many of you already had those problems and maybe found a nicer and easier configuration. Could you help me to set mine ?

Edit : in other words, is it possible to have a direct monitoring of my microphone and / or mixx with the Denon ?

Thank you very much.

No, there is no need for BUTT nor JACK. Use the Record/Broadcasting input in Mixxx. You could plug the mic into the MC4000 and connect the booth output of the MC4000 to another audio interface configured as Mixxx’s Record/Broadcasting input. Using multiple audio interfaces with JACK is a pain (this is better with PipeWire, but I wouldn’t depend on PipeWire for a performance yet).

The issue with the MC4000 is that the microphone is processed inside the controller by hardware and you are not able to get it’s signal to the PC as input from the MC4000 directly. What @Be said makes absolutely sense. You can keep the Mic plugged into the MC4000. Just in addition and if you wanna use Jack for any reason anyway then i made a tutorial describing how to connect, process and route the signal back into Mixxx for broadcasting / recording. I used Jamin in that example but JackRack will work great as well.

Thank you Be0 et OsZ for your reply. I plugged my microphone SM58 to the Denon input and connected the Booth output to my monitoring speakers and it works.
So, next step would be to connect the Denon master output to an external sound card and set it to the Mixxx Record / broadcasting input. Am I right ?
My next question would be about setting properly the microphone level. As I don’t have any level meter for the microphone, is it correct to consider the right level is when peak led of the microphone knob is clipping from time to time ?

Thank you again for your answers.


I don’t know what the MC4000 provides for monitoring the mic level.

Thank you again for your answer Be0.
Last question for this topic : what’s the difference between the «Master» and the «Booth» output ? My reading confirm what I experimented : it’s the same «mixed» signal, but there is a knob for the «Master» and another one for «Booth».
Is it right ? Why would I use one or the other one ?

They are the same signal. The booth output can be helpful if you have an audio interface with >= 6 output channels. I made it when I tried using a MOTU Ultralite AVB, although I ended up returning that for a variety of reasons. DJ controllers with booth outputs do this in hardware so the computer only sends one stereo pair output and the hardware splits it to two sets of connectors.

Ok. Now, it’s (almost) clear in my mind. Thank you Be0 for your patience and all your explanations.