Buildnumbers .exe installers

Could the download page for the beta be made to show what build the installer is based on? The only way to tell if the version is new is to install it and check the help tab.

Also, is it at all possible to get .exe installers as well as .msi as the latter does not provide a way to check for system prerequisites to proper operation of Mixxx and in some cases, especially on newer Win10, some libraries appear to not be part of standard OS installation and are only provided through additional installations. (Tested on a fresh install of Win10 Home upgraded to Pro, which somehow misses some audio driver causing no output, resolved by reinstalling the windows audio drivers via windows update)

This is a good idea. It would take a little bit of work for us to set up. But it is not the only way to see if there are updates. If there are new commits on the 2.3 Git branch, there is a new build available.

I don’t know what you mean, but this seems like a Windows issue that Mixxx couldn’t do anything about.

I am still working on trying to find the cause for this, I have thrown away the virtual machine and began afresh. Installing Win10 Home first, then registering a Win10 Pro key to it. Letting run updates and the upgrade to Pro as a result. During that somehow the Audio Devices Driver breaks, forcing a reinstall of them. I only noticed this when installing Mixxx and finding it did not actually check if there is a valid audio driver installed or the device management can actually provide a device list to it.

MSI installers are somewhat being phased out everywhere due to them not being able to bundle software required for a program to run in most cases. EXE ends up being more user friendly and reliable hence it is more commonly used. I had issues with this on my main system thus installed a virtual machine to run the MSI installer and copy the files over instead, but said virtual machine was not activated yet. That’s what I did today finding the update had broken the audio devices leaving Mixxx to not work properly, but the MSI installer never checks if there are any audio devices even available or if the Windows Audio Devices is reporting to be there and working.

Granted it is system specific, but checking for prerequisites and making sure the system software is being installed to even has a usable environment for said software is useful to the end user. Potentially alerting them beforehand as to issues they need to fix before being able to use Mixxx, otherwise it installs fine and you end up with someone confused as to why it is not picking up any audio devices since it does not give the error that the system is the cause not Mixxx itself or the devices.

It would thus be nice to get the option for exe installers if at all possible.

I don’t think it’s the Mixxx installer’s responsibility to verify that your system isn’t broken. IMO it should still install even if your system is broken so Mixxx can work after you fix your system. The issue you’re encountering I think would be better handled by PortAudio giving Mixxx an error at runtime, but first someone would need to figure out what exactly the problem is.

I don’t understand how an EXE installer would solve this problem. We use WiX via CPack to make the Windows installer. We just spent 5 months working on macOS and Windows builds so we’re not going to switch how we do them unless something is horribly broken.