Buttons to quickly return to top or bottom of your library listings?

there are times when i would like to quickly return to the top or bottom of my list of music with the quick press of only 1 button. but the HOME and END keys on the navigation cluster dont do this and my only options therefore are to press the PAGE UP/DOWN alot of times, or spin my scroll wheels fast for a little while, or stop what im doing on my controller and move over to aim my mouse to click and drag the scroll bar.

i was thinking it would be pretty handy for a future release or something if there were buttons below and above this slider to go to the top or bottom of the scrolling (clicking on the black part of the slider does not do this). and also bind the HOME and END keys to the relating buttons.

I checked with Mixxx 2.3 beta, there it is Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End
Home and End make the focus jump to the beginning of the focused row.

So in 2.3 keys with control jump to the top left table cell, and bottom right respectively

Also for 2.3 we currently have pull requeset #3063 that adds wrap-around at top/end to table navigation, and some other very helpful improvements. Check it out!

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