Can I move the settings folder to another location?

I running Mixxx 2.3 on a mini PC with Windows 10 and a small SSD. I’ve been analyzing my 160K tracks and noticed that the Mixxx settings folder has taken up almost all of the SSD. Is it possible to move this folder to another disk? Could I link an external folder to this location? Right now the PC is almost unusable and I’ll have to delete this folder.

Thanks for your time.

The space is almost surely taken up by the waveform analyses. This is just cache; it’s safe to delete the analysis subdirectory inside your Mixxx settings directory. You can disable saving waveform data to the cache entirely in the preferences, but unfortunately Mixxx doesn’t have a way to set an automatic cap on the space used for this.

Thanks! That will definitely solve the problem.

In preferences, under the waveforms section, it shows the current size of the cache, and provides a button to delete it.

Also, a cache limit is a feature that was suggested but no one has implemented yet.