Cannot Connect to Radio Stream

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.2, Gnome 3.36.8, Mixxx 2.2.3. I’ve tried several streams that work on mac and windows with Mixxx, and quadruple checked my password, installed Lame, tried a default username when none is usually required, and different stream providers. I continue to get the error message:
Please retry current operation.
Please check your connection to the Internet and verify that your username and password are correct.
I’m sure it’s some configuration error, but much research does not provide a resolution. I know I’m not unique. Any ideas?

it’s very likely the streaming issue is caused by a broken version of libshout.
also, 2.2.3 is rather old. please try 2.3 from the mixxx-betas ppa (see which uses a working libshout version.

Worked like a charm! perfect resolution Ronso. Thank you.