Cannot find effects/No effect loaded

Hello - can anyone help a newbie out?
In preferences the built-in effects are all marked as visible, but in the effects drop-down menus it says “none”, hovering over shows “no effect loaded”. Have I missed something essential?
mixxx 2.2.4 on 5.7.17-2-MANJARO
Thanks a lot!
PS: This is the first DJ-software I ever installed - firstly to broadcast via listen2myradio, but what fun it is to discover all the other possibilities!
A great piece of software, thank you!!!

The effects are not configured in the preferences, they are configured in the main window. Where it says “None” is a drop down menu, click it.

Hello Be0 and thanks a lot for the reply!
I did try to click on the drop-down menus in the main window, but nothing happens, no menu shows. As if they are not installed somehow.Screenshot_20200905_173605
Can’t see that on the screenshot, but when I hover over any of those 3 “None”, the frame lights up blue, but clicking anywhere within does nothing.

Well that is a strange bug. Does it work in other skins?

No, just tried all of them. Lol, maybe mixxx knows I am tonedeaf anyway and just can’t be bothered :wink: Sampler slots work fine btw, everything else too.

I have the same problem but no one here seams to care! im on it though, as soon as i get it working ill let uyou know.

We do care but we can not do much about it.
The effect selector is a re-implementation of a QComboBox and clicking on it works everywhere, except with some package configurations on Arch Linux, and Manjaro appearantly.

If you use Mixxx 2.2.4 you can scroll the effect selector to switch availale effects.
For 2.3 we disabled that behaviour because it can cause real headaches when you accidentially switch effects that way in a live session.

If you built Mixxx yourself and don’t fear to bother with git you simply revert the commit that disabed scrolling:

If you want to help figure out what’s wrong and -maybe- fix the issue please go to the bug page I linked above and share your system info and which Qt packages you have installed.
Did you notice that behaviour in any other apps?