Cannot import Winamp playlists

Hi, I am a brand new Mixx user. I have been using Winamp and would like to give Mixx a try. However, I can’t seem to import Winamp playlsts. I am running Windows 10 and tried to import an .m3u8 Winamp playlist. That produced an empty playlist. So I converted it to an .m3u playlist. That didn’t work either. I am using Mixx v. 2.2.4 (build 2.2 r6798). I have attached a simple playlist from my Winamp. Thanks for putting up with a noob. :slight_smile: 2020s.m3u8 (3.1 KB)

The playlist you attached contains track paths like /Precision Drive C/Music/Camila Cabello/04 - Havana.mp3 Are that the actual paths or is your Music folder simply on the C:/ drive?

Can you open a terminal emulator and run Mixxx from there?
Open a terminal by pressing Win+R then type cmd, Enter, or as described here
Then run Mixxx as described in the manual

When Mixxx is ready to go note what was last printed in the terminal, then try to import the playlist again. Select and copy the terminal output that was printed after importing and paste it here as preformatted text (Ctrl+Shift+C, then ‘paste’/Ctrl+V) or attach it as separate file so we can take a look what’s happning.

Was this issue ever resolved for the initial asker? I have the same problem. I am currently using MIXXX 2.2.4 (planning to upgrade soon to 2.3) and I use WinAmp v 5.8 Build 3360. I find it most convenient to create playlists in WINAMP, but if I import that playlist into MIXXX, it is blank. HOWEVER I can create a playlist in MIXXX, then EXPORT it to a directory, WinAmp will read it and play it. I have noticed that it takes a bit longer for WinAmp to read the playlists created by MIXXX than the ones created by WinAmp.

Possibly fixed in 2.3.0 by Get rid of the not working binary file check by daschuer · Pull Request #3916 · mixxxdj/mixxx · GitHub (this fix is mentioned in the changelog).

Please check if the issue still happens with the latest Mixxx version. If so, please open a bug report on Launchpad and attach a log file and attach a playlist (just the file, not the actual music) so that we can try to reproduce the issue.

THank You, I will update my MIXXX as soon as possible