Can't adjust beatgrid and Mixxx running in low res on Mac


I am running the latest beta as of today - 2.3-beta-4146-g827c8c2dde, however I have tried reverting to 2.2.4. Before that I was running a beta from a few months ago.

I’m on macOS Big Sur 11.4

At some point I lost the ability to move the beatgrid back and forth. I can neither use the nudge buttons or the beatgrid button to set at the current play position or match the other deck. The buttons just no longer work. I uninstalled and tried updating to the latest beta (no luck) and then reverting to the most recent stable version. The latter resulted in Mixxx running in low res mode every time, and now I can’t get it to switch back.

So now I have Mixxx running in low res and with no ability to move the beatgrid back or forth.

If this can’t be fixed relatively quickly, could somebody tell me how to adjust the beatgrid by changing values in the mixxxdb.sqlite database? I’m comfortable making changes to it and have done it many times, just can’t work out which value corresponds to where the beatgrid actually sits on the track. As it stands currently, trying to use Mixxx is a pretty grim experience.

Thanks for any help.

first of all, you do not want to edit the beatgrid manually in the library.
if you did so earlier you may have messed something up…

Also, it’s not clear to me what beatgrid editing has to do with matching another deck.

then we have discovered a bug in 2.3 beta with the beatgrid “anchor”, the point which would remain steady when you stretch or squeeze the beatgrid. it’s not anymore the Cue point but some random point somewhere around the middle of the track.
however, the beatgrid buttons should work nonetheless. and the BPM display in the deck should change when you stretch or squeeze the beats.
if that’s not the case please report a bug at our launchpad tracker.
(this is not an issue tracker, but a support forum). thanks!
if you can verify

what exactly did you do and what did not work?

so now your with 2.2.4 AND you can’t edit the beatgrid??
the low-res issue is covered sufficiently in another thread and in the Troubleshooting wiki page.

Hi Ronso(o) (I post as Ben on Zulip btw), thanks for the tip on the Troubleshooting page, I was looking for something like that but couldn’t find it at first. That’s fixed it.

When I installed 2.2.4 I was then able to adjust the beatgrid. The low res issue was still there.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear before.

I have now figured it out. The BPM lock did not used to prevent you from adjusting the beatgrid with the buttons, but now it does, and I wasn’t used to that. I guess I see the logic in that, I just kind of got used to the way it worked before.

Anyway problem solved… thanks for the advice!