Can't adjust BPM Detection Range 2.3 Linux

I am relatively new to Mixxx and DJ stuff in general so I’m figuring this out as I go.
I am using Mixxx 2.3 Stable on PopOS 20.04 via the PPA.

The issue I’m having is that a lot of the fast EDM I have is getting half the BPM it’s supposed to have when I analyze it. Drum and Base and other similarly fast music.
From other forum posts I’ve seen that there used to be an option to adjust the BPM range and I found the configuration settings in an older version of Mixxx (2.2.4). I tried manually copying those lines of the settings to the cfg file of 2.3, but that didn’t do anything.

Is there another way to get mixxx to properly detect the high BPM of my music without having to manually adjust each one?

I experience the same with many footwork tracks being detected as 80, while all are 160 BPM.
simply select multiple wrong detected tracks, right-click, BPM > double BPM. done.

personally I don’t miss the BPM range to enforce 160ish BPM because I’d get all tracks below 80 BPM wrong then.

I don’t remember anymore why the range was removed (though I remember the reasons being valid). someone may shed a light on that.

I did end up doing that, but it was a little annoying doing it for as many songs as I had to while making sure I wasn’t also doubling the tempos for songs that were slower. Fortunately I figured out how to transfer the database from one computer to another before I got too far into repeating the process for another computer.

The software has been pretty good, and for FOSS that’s pretty great.

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