Can't connect to with MIXX

Hi everyone. This is my first post.

When I try to connect to RadioJar using MIXX, it states that the credentials are wrong i.e. username and password.

I was able to connect with BUTT but not with Rocket Broadcaster where I get this message (Print Screen):

I have connected to Airttime Pro successfully using MIXX.

BTW Radiojar uses port 80 as opposed to port 8001 on Airtime Pro.

This is what RadioJar says on their website on how to connect with MIXX

We contacted their support and they responded as follows:

"As for the behavior you are facing: We run several test connections with the use of mixxx and we were able to connect to your station. As a result it seems that the issue is located in either:
1. The software in use (mixxx)
2. your internet connection
3. The input of the credentials"

  1. This can’t be, because they stated it connected with MIXX to their servers.
  2. Internet connection is fine
  3. Credential were inserted numerous times

They also state:

To sort things out, we suggest to use a different encoder like BUTT and try to make a connection to your station. In case the issue persists it is possible that your system is blocking access to our servers and/or doesn’t allow connecting via port 80. In that case you need to contact an IT specialist.

“In case you make a successful connection with the use of a different encoder, the issue should be located in MIXXX and as a result we would suggest to contact their support team for further troubleshooting”

We’ve been testing and using MIXX since May 2021 and last week we decided to use MIXX as opposed to other payable software on trial, that do not provide the features we are looking for on MIXX.

Now we are researching the best hosting package for start up radios i.e. value for money and scalable. One of the hosts shortlisted is RadioJar.

Any help or pointers would be enormously appreciated.

We wish you a real sunny day


Which mixxx version do you use?

Version 2.30 and 2.31 neither work


Just an update i.e. resolved

We have finally resolved the issue. For your info, it was our Bitdefender VPN connecting with London that caused the issue. We tested over 20 other countries with same result. We’ll be taking a professional VPN.
Thank you for all your help