Can't import m3u playlists


I am transferring my Mixxx station form one laptop to another and need to export playlists and crates from the old machine and import them to the new one (both Mixxx 2.2.3). Exporting m3u playlists is a snap, but Mixxx on the new laptop won’t import them. The name of the playlist shows up, but none of the tracks.

The library folders are identical on both machines and both are saved on the desktop. They have slightly different pathnames however. Could that be the issue?

This seems like a very simple but crucial feature, but older threads on this topic don’t seem to have been resolved. I have very large crates and playlists built up for a radio station that would take days and days of work to recreate, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


You could try exporting the playlists as relative rather than absolute, which will ignore any difference in folder structure up to the Mixxx library folder itself.

Alternatively, if the slightly-different pathnames can be fixed with a Find-and-Replace job, remember that the M3U file is just a text file that can be opened, and edited, in any text editor.

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Yes! Replacing the pathname sections that didn’t match up (in Notepad) did the trick. Many thanks.

Wondering if you have any insights on how to make sure cue points and loops transfer between the machines as well. Is that a matter of copying the full library from the old laptop to the new, or is there some other way to make that happen? The two laptops have the same library, but it was copied to the new machine from a separate hard drive where I back things up, not directly from the old laptop where I have set loops and cues.

many thanks again for your help!


All that data is stored in the database, which is local to the system. It’s possible restore a database from one system to another, but it requires a little bit of effort.

That looks doable. The music libraries are identical between laptops, so I would just need to transfer the Mixxx configuration files and use sqlite to change the location info. I’m not clear on how to access and copy the configuration files though, as per the first step. Where do I find those?

Depends on your operating system. For linux it’s ~/.mixxx. I don’t know where Mac and Windows store them off the top of my head.

OK thanks. I’m using Windows, so I’ll poke around. Really appreciate the help.


On Windows, you will find the userdata at %LOCALAPPDATA%/Mixxx

Mixxxdb.sqlite is the file you will need to dive into - I’m confident you don’t need to be told to make a backup of this file before you go tweaking :slight_smile:

Haha. Thank you. Always a good reminder to backup. I’ve been burned, so not shy…

So is Mixxxdb.sqlite the only file I need to transfer to the new laptop? Just copy and override copy? Or will I need to also transfer everything in that folder (subfolders: analysis, broadcast_profiles, controllers, presets, & then files: effects, mixxx.cfg, mixxx, mixxx.log.#, mixxxdb.sqlite, samplers, sandbox.cfg, soundconfig)

Sounds like to preserve the playlists AND the bpms, loops and cues I just need to copy the .sqlite file and perform the pathname fix as per the wiki above, correct? Or do I need to transfer more, and just perform that function on the .sqlite file? Sorry, I’m kinda new to this backend stuff.

Thanks again!

Indeed. The waveform analysis files will recreate themselves as you load tracks into the decks, and all the config files will update as and when you run Mixxx and set the settings back to how you like them.

Hopefully this should work for you, but come back and give us a shout if anything still doesn’t seem right.

Yooooo! That worked like a charm. Thank you so much!!

If anyone is interested, here’s the cheat sheet I created for myself that basically duplicates the Wiki process cited above, but with a little more “…for Idiots” vibe:

How to transfer Mixxx configurations to a new laptop
(Preserving all playlists, bpms, loop and cue points)

In the old laptop:
-open Mixxx and navigate to Preferences > Controllers, and click the button “Open User Preset Folder”

-Navigate up one window to > App Data > Local > Mixxx folder

-copy mixxxdb.sqlite file to an external drive (or the cloud)

In the new laptop:

-duplicate the same music library as on the old laptop

-plug-in the external hard drive, or download the old mixxxdb.sqlite file from the cloud to the new laptop.

-add the sqlite-manager extension to your browser (just search sqlite-manager in your browser - I used Chrome)

-open the sqlite-manager extension and drag-and-drop or open the old mixxxdb.sqlite in the extension.

-type in the following EXACT command (or copy/paste and replace the pathnames), including all the tick marks, spaces, semi-colons, etc. and the full pathname, likely starting with C:/ and with the old and new paths corresponding to the locations of the music library in each laptop. If typing in manually, also note that to move down a line you hit shift+enter, because when you hit just Enter it thinks you are submitting the action:

`update track_locations set directory = replace (directory, ‘/old/path/DJ/Music/’, ‘/new/path/DJ/Music/’);

update track_locations set location = replace (location, ‘/old/path/DJ/Music/’, ‘/new/path/DJ/Music/’);`

Hit enter and assuming there are no error messages, navigate to File, click “Download active Database” and save the updated file to the desktop (or a different location from the one you migrated over).

-open Mixxx and navigate to Preferences > Controllers, and click the button “Open User Preset Folder”

-Navigate up one window to > App Data > Local > Mixxx folder

-copy the newly updated mixxxdb.sqlite file to this folder, replacing the existing mixxxdb.sqlite file (back it up first, just in case, I guess).

-navigate to Preferences > Library and hit the “Relink” button. Select the music folder on the new laptop and hit “Apply” then “OK"

-close and restart Mixxx, then verify that everything transferred properly (rescan the library if needed to be sure).