Change star rating of many songs at the same time


Is there any possibility to change the rating of many songs at the same time. If I mark many songs and change the rating the rating of only one song is changed.

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Since there is obviously no way to rate many songs at the same time, I found the following workaround.
I created a playlist for every rating (1 to 5 stars) from my old player.
So I now have 5 playlists, one for each star rating.
I imported these into Mixxx.
Then I used the “TinyTask” tool to record how I rated an entire page of a playlist with the correct stars. Then I scrolled down the page and called up the recorded click task from TinyTask.
For me, TinyTask rated all the songs on a page like i did before.
I did that for all 5 playlists. That took about 2 hours for around 5,000 reviews.
Attention: You must not play the TinyTask task faster, but at the original speed (as recorded). If you let the task run too quickly, Mixxx will not register all ratings.
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