Change the Start Screen

Hello, can i change the Start Screen ( where it says MIXXX )?
I would look forward to an answer and remain with best regards

Sure, you can change anything in Mixxx.

Check the skin documentation intro for where to find the skins

below we described how to style the launch image

Mind sharing your mod when you’re done?

Thanks for your answer.
I’ll take a look at that.

If it turns out well, I can gladly raise the start image

Hey @ronso,

Unfortunately I cannot find the start screen. ( See attachement )

Maybe you can tell me what the file is called or where I can find it.

I thank you in advance and wish you a nice weekend

actually all required info is in the wiki page I linked.
the first linked section should enable you to find the official skins that were installed with Mixxx (Deere in your case) depending on your operating system.
You can use that directly or work on a copy, as described.

The section about the launch image below describes how the launch image is configured in each skin’s skin.xml (in the root directory of every loadable skin).

regarding the paths used to set the log and the progressbar: image: url(skin:/style/any-image.png); loads any-image.png located in /path/to/Mixxx/skins/Deere

Is that complicated …
I have now checked everything again.
I just don’t think so ^^

Just so we and don’t misunderstand.

I just want to change the loading screen that comes up as soon as you start Mixxx.

But I can’t find this graphic anywhere.

Maybe I can send you the file so that you can tell me the exact (14,2 KB)

aahhrrrmm it’s actually quite easy if you bother reading the documentation I linked…

if you want to alter an existing skin (will probably be overriden when updating Mixxx) read Then you’re able to find the folder that contains the installed skins on your hard drive.

In there you’ll find the Deere folder.
It contains a file skin.xml.
Open that with the text editor of your choice.

Find the <LaunchImageStyle> section.
Read the respective documentation and use whatever colors and images you like.
Save the file.

Restart Mixxx with Deere skin.

There is no section in the skin.xml
My folder: Mixxx/Skins/Deere/skin.xml

MIXXX Version 2.2.4 (build 2.2 r6798)

And how is the name of the launch image file ??

Oh, my bad, sry!
Didn’t remember Deere doesn’t have a special launch image, it’s using the hardcoded default.

You can add your custom launch image into Mixxx/Skins/Deere/skin.xml along the documentation after that line

Remember to add the image files and adapt the file paths, of course.

Take a look at the other skins for inspiration, for example LateNight