Cleaning History

I have too many history items, its pain of ass, clean them by each separetly.
Many of them are because mixxx crash often after hour of use, windows 7/32.

Possible highlight multiple history items, using shift or control, like a most of the windows application. and then remove.

Also possible turn off history ?

Currently there’s no build-in way to clean up the history, except one by one.

But there’s a WIP pull request to improve the UX with the history targeted at the master branc (Mixxx_2.4_alpha) that you may check out.

Apart from that, I wrote a basic cleanup script a few years back that removes all unlocked history playlists. it’s neither pretty nor can I guarantuee it has no side effects.
It’s for bash/Linux andrequires sqlite3. if you’re on Windows or macOS I’m sure the SQL commands can be re-used. (2.5 KB)
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! always make a backup of your mixxx.db