Color Sorting doesnt work in Playlists (2.3.0)

Sorting by color Highlighted songs does not work. The “Color” column will come in focus but the songs remain in place un-sorted.

I am using v2.3.0 and it doesnt seem that this issue was fixed in v2.3.1.


What does sorting by color even mean? What do you expect that to do?

I right click on a File and choose “Select Color” and choose a color to highlight that song in my list.

If I highlight lets say 300 songs in Orange amongst 2,000 tracks, i would like to be able to sort by that color using the “Color” column that exists so I can just select all those tracks to do something with them.

I was bringing to light the usage of a function that seems to already exist but doesnt seem to work correctly.


Sure, it makes sense to sort all orange tracks together… but where is orange in a sortable order in relation to other colors?

I file Bug #1945976 “Can't sort playlist by Color” : Bugs : Mixxx on the bug tracker. Please subscribe to that in order to recieves update on the bug.

Re color sorting:
I’d expect it to sort like this: (color picker in Gimp)
This is sorted by hue which wold be sufficient, as first step. how to consider value/brightness is another story.

Extra feature: if the tracks are sorted by color, wrap around at the top/bottom (at the bottom > jump to first item, and vice versa)
Optional: since the bar is actually a circle, let the user configure the zero point.

awesome, thanks

fix was merged and will be in Mixxx 2.3.2